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Last Updated: 13-Feb-14
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Zend zf-100-500 is another highly demanded certification and greatly valued by IT organizations, Zend professionals can easily get a job anywhere in the world. People interested in zf-100-500 certification finds it difficult to get effective and up to date training material. We at Certshelp provide certification guide based on real zf-100-500 exam questions along with the accurate answers. Our exam questions training material is considered to be the best because of the updates we provide on regular basis. This way we make sure that your certification guides remains up to date, till the day you take exam.  Beside this our Zend zf-100-500 practice exam provide you opportunity to experience real time exam environment, also you can have idea about your exam preparation skills.

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The real exam questions given in Certshelp guide are proven to be of great help and a major reason of our Zend zf-100-500 candidates’ success. With our guide they can have better understanding about the real exam questions and they prepare all the answers quite easily. Our zf-100-500 practice exam gives you opportunity to experience real time exam environment and you can judge your practice skills as well.

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Certshelp training material is proven to be a great success for our candidates and the major reasons to that are real zf-100-500 exam questions, a real time zf-100-500 practice exam gives candidates better idea about actual exam questions and they can judge they level of preparation as well. One of the most appreciated features of Certshelp zf-100-500 study guides is the regular updates we provide, this way we make sure that our candidates have up to date information till the date they take test. So if you are interested in taking Zend zf-100-500 certification, feel free to buy our training material for the best results.

Exam ZF-100-500: Zend Framework Certification


Internet technology is one of the brightest aspects of information technology because of which the real world has become a global network. Basically, internet is a considered as network of networks and these days almost every individual and enterprise is utilizing it quite effectively. The web world has provided great deal of ease in various aspects of life, the communication become simple and easier, information sharing has become fluent and much more.


One of the most prominent aspects of web world is website, people these days are creating websites to interact with wide range of audience around the globe. Because of the accessibility professional organizations have established their own websites so that people can access their products or services anywhere in the world. One of the most important aspect of website is its behavior, how it interact with the user, the more user-friendly it is the most visitors it will attract. There are different development platforms available these days among which PHP is the most widely used development platform.


Professional organizations hire certified PHP developers to establish their websites and to be an expert PHP developer one must have complete understanding about it. Zend is offering several well recognized PHP certifications among which Zend Framework certification is the most popular one. Once you have acquired Zend PHP certification, the next step is to get understanding about Framework. To become certified Zend Framework developer, candidates have to pass ZF-100-500 exam.


Exam Details


·         Exam Code: ZF-100-500

·         Exam Format: Multiple Choice Q&A (75 Questions)

·         Exam Duration: 90 Minutes

·         Languages: English

·         Minimum Passing Score: Pass/Fail Grade Only


Technical Skills Measured


This certification addresses various technical aspects of Zend Framework and it provides detail understanding about the key technical skills. To provide you better understanding we have discussed the details below:


·         Zend Framework - An Overview: This section provides understanding about basics of Zend Framework, requirements of Zend Framework, features of Zend Framework and How to install Zend Framework.


·         Model–view–controller (MVC): This section offers knowledge about MVC components, pattern basics, Bootstrap and various functions such as Zend_Controller and Zend_Layout.


·         Infrastructure: This section highlights the infrastructure of Zend Framework which includes several commands Zend_Config, Zend_Session, Zend_Registry and Zend_Loader.


·         Internationalization: Internationalization is the important aspect of Zend Framework and this section provides knowledge about various aspects of Zend_Date, Zend_Translate, Zend_Locate, Zend_Currency, Zend_View_Helper_Translate and internationalization performance.


·         Authentication and Access: Authentication and Access is the critical aspect of Zend Framework which includes Zend_Acl, Zend_Auth and Zend_Auth adapters.


·         Performance: Performance of Zend Framework depends on various elements, prominently including Zend_Cache, Script inclusion, optimization and Zend_memory.


·         Forms: Understanding of Form is pretty important element of Zend Framework and this section addresses various elements of forms which includes Zend_Form, validation/filtering, Decorators, Elements, Display groups and sub-forms, also it provides understand about configuration and internationalization.


·         Security: Security is the most crucial factor in Zend Framework and this section highlights various aspects of security such as Cross-site request forgery, Secure authentication, Escaping for output, Cross-site scripting and best practices regarding security.


·         Filtering and Validation: This section offers understanding about various filtering and validation factors such as Filtering Chain, Custom Filters, Standard validation classes, validator chains and custom vaildators.


·         Search: This section offers understanding about Search function and provides knowledge about various aspects such as Zend_Search_Lucene, indexing, Querying and performance.


Along these key technical skills, this certification address certain other aspects including Database, mail, Coding standards, Diagnosis and Maintainability, and web services. To become certified Zend Framework developer, one has to understand all these aspects and to pass ZF-100-500 exam preparation is the key.


How to Prepare Zend ZF-100-500 exam?


There are numerous online resources that offer text books on Zend Framework and one can easily grab the technical knowledge, along with that practice is the key but here our concerned is to pass ZF-100-500 exam as well.


To prepare any exam, one really has to understand the exam structure so that he can prepare according to exam requirements otherwise there are various books that provides irrelevant exam content as well.  Certshelp is offering ZF-100-500 training material based on study guides and dumps. Dumps are compiled by experienced IT professionals and they are formed on the basis of ZF-100-500 real exam questions and answers, extracted from actual exam. This way our candidates can understand the exam format and prepare it accordingly. Beside this the prominent aspect of our training material is that we provide regular updates regarding exam content, just to make sure our candidates have up to date preparation material. A sample of ZF-100-500 practice exam questions is given above, to grab complete preparation material Sign Up!