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sy0-301 Questions & Answers

Last Updated: 07-Jan-15
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Sy0-301 Security+: How to Prepare ?

To be reliable and trusted is utmost requirement of any business and especially if it’s an online business. Organizations build infrastructures to run their mechanisms and keeping everything safe from data to information’s is the basic need which is fulfilled by CompTIA Security Plus certified professionals. Like many other security certifications CompTIA offers this significantly valued certification for providing anticipating security risks and guards against them. The Security Plus individuals not only have knowledge of security concepts, tools and procedures but also have the power of reacting against the threats to let the system function smoothly.


The demand of IT security increases day by day and with that the requirement of security personnel is consistently an urge of organizations. It applies to everyday life and going without keeping things secure is impossible. CompTIA Security+ certification provides capable candidates with knowledge to maneuver the system without the presence of threats. It’s an internationally recognized vendor neutral certification with exam code Sy0-301. In order to acquire this certification the candidates need to clear sy0-301 exams and need CompTIA Network+ certification and two years technical networking experience with major emphasis on security.


The exam is based majorly on security concepts and learning and 100 questions on the whole. The passing scores are 720 with 90 minutes duration. An individual who clears the exam would have credits towards MCSE (Windows Server 2003) Certification, SCNS certification and the main Security plus Certification.


Overview of Sy0-301 exams:


The entire content of the exam is based on 100 questions divided into six main sections, as follows:


  • ·         The first section emphasis on Network Security; explanation of security functions, purposes of all technologies and devices linked to networks, application and implementation of principles for securing network administrations, distinguishing and differentiating network designing elements and compounds, implementation and usage of general protocols, identification of the general in use protocols, and implementation of wireless networks.
  • ·         The second section is based on Compliances and Operational Securities; explanation of all risk related topics, carrying out strategies for risk mitigations, execution of all procedure for responses of incidents, explanation of all training and awareness; their importance and link with security, comparison and contrasting of all business continuing aspects, explanation of impact and usage of environmental controls properly, execution of procedures and plans for recovery of disasters, exemplification of all concepts for confidentialities, integrities and availabilities.
  • ·         The third sections focuses on Threats and Vulnerabilities; analyzing and differentiation of malware and among their types, analyzing and differentiation of attacks and among their types, analyzing and differentiation of attacks of social engineering and among their types, analyzing and differentiation of wireless attacks and among their types, analyzing and differentiation of application attacks and among their types, analyzing and differentiation of mitigation techniques  and among their types, implementations of techniques and tools of assessments and discovering threats of security and vulnerabilities, and penetrating testing viruses vulnerability scanning’s.
  • ·         The fourth section deals with security of Application, Host and Data; explanation of application security importance, carrying out procedure for establishing host securities, and explanation of data security and importance.
  • ·         The fifth section based on Access Controls and Identity Managements; explanation of purposes and functions of authentication services, explanation of all practices and fundamental concepts, implementation of all security controls.
  • ·         The sixth section focuses on Cryptography; summarization of common cryptography concepts, usage and application of products and tools of cryptography, explanation of Public Key infrastructure concepts, and implementation of PKI and linked components.


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