Difference between Comptia 220-701/220-801 and 220-702/220-802 Exams

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CompTIA A+ Certification has been changed with more rigorous and detailed objectives, focusing more on the security of a business environment and mobile networking. The updates were made on October 2012 for the professionals who were looking forward for acquiring this entry level certification and who wanted an entrance in an environment with tough competitions.

The Career Certifications offered by any given vendor have never been easy but now with all the competition around, CompTIA is demanding hands on experience from all the candidates of at-least a year. The experience count is of 500 hours and apart from this no other prerequisite is set. The focus of this certification is more emphasized on virtualization as well as troubleshoots and configurations, on the whole the achievements are more practical.

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Precisely, CompTIA 220-801 the successor of 220-701 exams is now focused towards the hardware’s and their networking’s while CompTIA 220-802, successor of 220-702 is concerned about mainly the security, troubleshooting and support of operating systems. From August 2013 and onward the tests will also include simulations apart from multiple choice questions to test and judge knowledge.

We will provide an overview for the topics that are in the limelight and are now the main objective of CompTIA. The topics included and covered domain by domain are as follows:

Difference between 220-701 and 220-801 Exams:

  • The first part of the test which comprises of 40% weight-age overall is focused on the hardware knowledge. In 220-701 the focus was more towards defining, identifying and comparing the different parts and now it’s more about configurations and installations and specifically BIOS configurations. The arrival of latest technologies demand the experts to be aware of them, this includes PCI-X  motherboard, ITX, SD cards in micro and mini sizes, latest display such OLED and LED, as well as projector knowledge. There’s additional concentration required over the equipment dealing with games such as, gamepad, joystick and GPUs. Included are topics covering graphic workstation, clients, gaming arrays, theater PCs and virtualized workstations.
  • The network categories included in both 701 and 702 are consolidated again in 801.Verious protocols and different topologies are more distinctively and elaborately covered, included are SFTP, SMB, LDAP, SSH protocols, along with networks such as MAN and PAN and topologies as star, bus, ring, mesh and hybrid.
  • For the laptop study 220-801 is more emphasizing on categories of hardware’s, identification, comparison, installations and configurations of various components. These factors are specifically designated for setting up laptops and working on their display media expansion.
  • Just like 701, 801 is emphasizing on printer maintenance for printer section.
  • For the operational procedures the 802 exam is focused more towards maintaining a safe operating environment with environmental controls and impacts.

Difference between 220-702 and 220-802 Exams:

  • For the operating system coverage of 220-802 exam, Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 are the primary focuses including all the 7 enterprises.  The study of Windows 2000 is no more a part of these exams. All the OS feature, tools, and control panel knowledge is required with security configuration and virtualization as the main aspect. A detailed study of command line tools such as ROBOCOPY, NBTSTAT, SHUTDOWN, TASKKILL, FDISK, Fixmbr, BOOTREC, DISKPART, TASKLIST, and DEL are also the main focus.
  • For the security coverage, the emphasis is more on the devices physical security, sensitive hardware disposal, included are the threats linked to security. The exam would give candidates a scenario to secure an office or home network to judge the knowledge.
  • The 220-802 exams have devoted 9% of its part to mobile device knowledge which emphasizes on Android and iOS operating systems. Identification and explanation of device features, comparison and contrast of hardware and security features, establishing and configuring basic network connection setup, connectivity setup, data and email synchronizations.
  • For troubleshooting coverage, the candidates will be given scenario based questions to test the skills and the emphasis would also include hardware (network) issues, issues related to security including viruses and malware’s, recovery of systems, issues related to laptops and repair of devices by disassembling them. The issues of hardware specifically RAID arrays, video/display, printer, and OS issues are all in the markup.

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    I am currently certified with A+ (220-701/2) and Network+.
    Is there a bridge exam to upgrade to A+ 220-801/2?

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