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Posted November 15, 2012 by Alice Julia in Netwroking

Almost all applications which are installed on Microsoft Windows Vista and above operating system are free from any restriction of access. Those applications which are kept under high privileges are inaccessible, otherwise by default these applications can be accessed by all users. This is important in production environment, where certain applications are restricted for use by standard user accounts and are kept in access of administrators only.parental controls

Administrators had the authority of restricting users from using various applications through feature of group policy. This was available in Windows XP, a pre-Windows Vista operating system. The change takes place in Windows Vista and above operating system, where administrators can restrict the use of applications by few clicks with the help of Parental Controls feature.

Windows Vista and Windows 7 offer list of those applications which are installed already in Parental Control interface and they can be made accessible or denied from accessibility by checking or un-checking boxes. If incase the applications required by administrators are not in list, they can be browsed, located at desire place and checked or un-checked as above.

The application restriction process that takes place in Parental Control is configured as per on user basis. The application restriction has to take place individually for every user. For users and accounts that do not have Parental Control applied on them are accessible by anyone and all the applications installed can be accessed, despite the privileges (administrative or non-administrative).

The task can also be accomplished by the use of Group Policies, which though is not recommended by Microsoft. For least administrative overhead, it is advisable to make use of Parental Control interface. The accounts which are under privileges by administrators cannot have Parental Control applied on them for application restriction; this task can take place for standard users only.

To restrict or allow applications, follow the steps ahead:

  • Start off by logging onto Windows 7 computer which has administrator account.
  • After the system has started, go to “Start” and follow the “Control Panel” option.
  • In control Panel go to “User account and Family Safety Category” and click on “Parent Control” option.
  • Go to the window that shows “Choose a user and set up Parental Control” and choose the user which does not have administrative rights applied.
  • Choose “On, enforce current settings” option radio button, this should be under the Control Panel section.
  • Choose “Allow and block specific program” and after this click and choose “User Name” (Can only use the programs I allow) option button.
  • There will be a list displaying all the programs which can be checked or un-checked as per requirement. There should be an option of “Check the programs that can be used”.
  • For changes and completion of process, click “OK”.

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