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220-801 Questions & Answers

Last Updated: 13-Feb-14
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More about CompTIA 220-801 Exam


IT certifications which boost the career and lead to numerous opportunities for growth are various in numbers and among the most valued ones; CompTIA 220-801 certification is one. Those who choose to avail the outcomes of 220-801 certifications are normally spending more time in search of authentic training material for the certification and are wasting more of the study time. At Certshelp we provide all the interested candidates CompTIA 220-801 Study guide that is formed by our industry experts and professionals and carries all the up to date knowledge to pass the exam. The regular updates provided in the guide are to ensure that you stay focused and prepared from the day of preparation to the day you finally appear for the test. 


Advantages Of CompTIA Certshelp 220-801 Training Material

  • The training material enclosed in the study guide provided at Certshelp comes with the thorough knowledge of industry experts and professional CompTIA 220-801 exam question writers.
  • The entire guide is based on easy and user-friendly material and real 220-801 exam questions with detailed answers.
  • The material and exam questions let the candidates practice in actual exam format and they appear for the exam without hesitation.
  • Through the regular updates and practice engine the candidates are built in a manner that they are capable of judging their personal practice skills.


How our CompTIA 220-801 Candidates Pass?

The candidates we prepare at Certshelp are empowered with the knowledge of capable industry experts who know the definition of success. Their result of efforts in the form of CompTIA 220-801 study guide is a laid out platform of knowledge that they have. Based on real and easy exam questions and answers with CompTIA 220-801 practice exam, the candidates can practice and learn in actual exam environment. The test engine is designed to develop personal judgmental skills and calculate their own exam practice, plus it’s a confidence building practice which enables them to succeed without hesitation. 


Why Certshelp Training Material is Best?

Certshelp’s training material has not only been rewarded by candidates who prepared using the material and succeeded but it has also been rewarding for the company itself. We at Certshelp believe that our candidate’s achievement results in our success and this why our study guide is formed by the most intellectual industry experts and professionals who have mastered the art. The exam questions provided in the guide are easy and user-friendly which requires book reading only for practice and no other source. The test engine offers a great platform for practice and practical learning, moreover the regular updates provided in CompTIA 220-801 study guide are a significant reason for candidates up to date knowledge. If getting a validation through CompTIA is your aim, you can buy our Certshelp CompTIA 220-801 training material for a success we promise.




Details Of CompTIA A+ 220-801 Exam


CompTIA Certifications are well known already for being a great path for learning and validating you in basic computer hardware’s and repairing activities. One such recognized IT certification is CompTIA A+ certification that certifies a technician with all the knowledge skills for job and for communicating excellently across board. For anyone with craving of learning and understanding computers in depth as well as establishing a career as Technical Support Specialists, Field Service Technicians, IT Support Technicians, IT Support Administrators and IT Support Specialists can start their journey with CompTIA certifications.


Prerequisites For The Test:


In order to acquire this certification the candidates need a twelve months experience of lab or field work, more precisely candidates who have knowledge of PCs, printers and mobile device maintenance are recommended strongly by CompTIA. Moreover, the credential certification is achieved after clearing two exams; 220-801 exams and 220-802 exams. CompTIA A+ 220-801 is the stepping stone to spark the career with success. It is based on 100 questions consisting of multiple choice, linear based, performance based and fact based questions.


The passing scores of CompTIA A+ 220-801 exams have a validity of three years on the whole and 90 minutes is the duration of exam for attaining success or failure. However, the first attempt is not the last attempt and any candidate can reappear for the exam but only in conditions of failure. A successful result builds a candidate with knowledge of assembling the components, installing, configuring and maintaining devices with an understanding of security and networking, diagnosing and resolving software and hardware issues with excellent troubleshooting skills. The skills do not just end here, excellent communication powers with knowledge of virtualization, deployment and management come along.


Overview of 220-801 exams:


The exam is based on providing all the foundation skills in the field of computers and steeping towards more certifications as well. The overall syllabus is exhausting and requires more than just an understanding but at the end it trains the candidates for knowing how computers work, what networking and hardware’s have to do and how troubleshooting can become a game. The 220-801 exams also enable the candidates to understand the importance and develop skills for customer support, deployments of resources for implementations and so forth.


Following is the content of exam is which is divided into sections and covered by all the 100 questions:


  •             The first section covers knowledge of PC Hardware’s; understanding of all the features and components as settings of BIOS, Motherboard component, the types and features of RAM, expansion card, CPU and its types, storage device, connection interface, custom configurations, display device, power supplies, types of connectors and cables, and peripheral device knowledge.


  •             The second section is based on the knowledge and understanding of Networking; how network connectors and cables work, the characteristics of cables and connectors, in depth understanding of TCP/IP, the ports of TCP UDP, standards of Wireless networking and types of encryptions, types of internet connections, network types, devices linked to networks, and tools that deal with networking.


  •             The third section focuses on Laptops; configurations of components and hardware’s of laptops, understanding of the basic laptop display components and features of laptops.


  •             The fourth section is based on knowing about Printers; the types of printers, installations and configurations of printers, and their maintenances.


  •             The fifth section covers Operational procedures; the safety’s required for applying on these procedures, the impact of environment and its control, professionalisms and communications as well as essentials required to deal with prohibited activities and contents.


The syllabus of 220-801 exams is vast and covers a lot, it provides a chance for better understanding of computer in basic and develops analytical skills for security and networking. IT enables troubleshooting and maintaining the infrastructure of the corporation keeping the networking needs in focus. Moreover, the skills of component assembling and communication are key points in letting spark your validation.


Passed A+ Certification

Hi, my name is Jack Brown and I did bachelors in computer engineering, well to be honest it was quite difficult for me to find a job as a fresher but one of my friends suggested me to take CompTIA certification to get a technical knowledge and most companies preferred to hire certified professionals. At that time I have decided to take A+ certification but it took me long to find appropriate preparation material until I found certshelp.com. Even though there are numerous books and study guides available over the web but none of these provide guidance about exam questions, so I am really thankful to Certshelp for helping me out in passing my A+ certification.

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